*PosESioN* and HOE * monthly contest *


*PosESioN* & HOUSE Of EUROPE MONTHLY CONTEST *************************************

POSESION and HOUSE OF EUROPE have a monthly contest for women and men

This is a  monthly event based on House Of Europe fashion and Posesion poses.

We want to find the best male and female stylist of the grid to represent our brands for vendors and/or advertisings.

It is open to EVERYONE !!

What do you have to do?

–  first join the POSESION & HOE CONTEST group on Flickr : http://www.flickr.com/groups/posesion-hoe-contest/

– Join the POSESION group inworld to be aware of notices about this contest : secondlife:///app/group/233b0d42-2165-99b5-86b6-92dc732e670b/about the group can be joined directly inside the posesion MAIN STORE

–  make a nice picture , wearing 1 outfit of HOUSE OF EUROPE and using 1 pose of POSESION …. you can place 3 pictures maximun  per avatar (min. size 512 x 512 pixels)    – rename your pictures like this on flickr “POSESION & HOE CONTEST – your name”

After the 15th of each month, we will choose the winner, and the prize is :

-1st Place win a gift card value 3000 l$ (to use at HOE store) and a gift card of 500 l$ (to use at POSESION store) …. The winner will also be added to the HOE and POSESION models and will be choose to be model on the next vendors and / or advertising picture for magazines.

At the end of the year, in december, all the winners will participate in the big finale to be elected FACE OF POSESION AND HOUSE OF EUROPE ! The candidates will have to walk on the runway, using HOUSE OF EUROPE outfits and POSESION poses !!!

Prices for the big finale of the year : – 2nd place win a gift card value of 3000 L$ (to use at HOE store) and a gift card of 500 l$ (to use at POSESION store) – 1st place win the title of FACE OF POSESION AND HOUSE OF EUROPE, will enter the model group of the 2 stores and so will be able to feature on vendors and / or advertising pictures. The winner will also receive a prize of 10,000.00 L$ in cash !!

********************** DEADLINES **********************

You have to post your photos on the flickr group before the 15th of each month. The winners will be announced each 16th of the month.

PLEASE … do not send your pictures to Didier or Dahriel … post them directly on flickr or they will not be considered ! Thank you

********************** RULES **********************

1.           You must be wearing 1 outfit from House of Europe  (male or female) …. or a mix and match outfit from House of Europe outfits only.   Main store: House Of Europe.  2.           You must use at least 1 pose from POSESION. Main store.  3.           You may submit a maximum of 3 photographs (each with different outfit and different pose). 4.           On the picture : No logos, no signs and no names please (only the signature of the photographer can be on the picture) 5.          The size of your picture should be 1024×1024 pixels, min 512×512 pixels 6.          We reserve us the rights to disqualify your picture if 1 of the rules above is not applied. 7.          You give to Didier Rascon and Dahriel all the rights to use your pictures for promotions ,etc.. 8.          For more informations, please contact Dahriel or Didier Rascon


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